Tenants Insurance

Beyond the Home

Time to cover that mountain bike, the pair of skis, and all the stuff you are accumulating? You are responsible for damaging landlords’ property. Holding a party and someone gets injured? Personal liability coverage protects you. VHA offer quick solutions to your basic tenants insurance needs.


Your Belongings


Protects you financially against insured damage or loss to furniture, clothing and other personal property inside your rental home or vehicle.

Living Expenses


Helps cover expenses like moving costs, a hotel room and more if you can’t live in your rental while repairs are being made after an insured loss.

Liability Claims


Helps to protect you financially if you accidentally cause property damage or bodily injury to others at home or anywhere in the world.

VHA Stories

  • I recently switched insurance providers to Van Helden Agencies and have been thoroughly impressed with the transparency and seamless nature of the transition. Douglas was able to offer me a much better premium than competitors, along with a very comprehensive policy that is catered exactly to my needs. I would highly recommend Van Helden Agencies.

    Nicholas Earl
    Nicholas Earl
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