Condominium Insurance

Beyond the Home

Tailored solutions for ownership in multi owner buildings. Condominium insurance can be complicated. Let VHA clear the way to security.


Your Belongings


Helps to protect you financially against insured damage or loss to furniture, clothing and other personal property.

Unit Upgrades


Helps to protect upgrades and improvements you or a prior owner have made.

Living Expenses


Helps cover expenses like a hotel room, storage costs and more if you can’t live in your condo while repairs are being made after an insured loss.



Helps to protect you financially if you accidentally cause property damage or bodily injury to others.



Coverage extends if you are assessed for an uncovered condominium corporation loss and your unit owners policy covers such a loss.

VHA Stories

  • Our house was struck by lightening and subsequently destroyed by fire. Van Helden Agencies responded immediately and efficiently processed our claim in a very timely manor. Doug Van Helden personally arrived on site early on a Saturday morning following the fire to provide me with assurance and comfort in the quality of our Chubb insurance policy and to explain next steps in the claim process. Thanks to the quality of the insurance policy and their direct involvement, Van Helden Agencies made my transition and recovery from an otherwise difficult situation as seamless as possible.

    Mitch Putnam
    Mitch Putnam VHA Client
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