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Van Helden Agencies Ltd. is a proven leader in providing our customers with individually tailored  home insurance.  We are very proud to carry the world-class protection of Chubb Insurance – the largest insurer of private Fine Art and Jewelry in North America. Chubb offers deluxe house and contents coverage for custom and estate homes, with no depreciation on cash settlements.

Whether you own a house, a cabin, or a condo, we will tailor your policy so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are adequately covered in the event of a loss.

From $ 20,000 tenants policies to plus $ 1,000,000 estate homes, we cover it all!

Common Coverages: Fire, theft, vandalism, malicious acts, explosion, windstorm, hail, rupture, water escape, personal liability.

Common Exclusions: Damage that is not sudden and accidental. For instance, wear and tear, settling, rust.  Other exclusions include earthquake, snowslide, landslide, flood, water damage to property while a home is vacant or unoccupied, mechanical breakdown, damage caused by insects, rodents, or vermin. Also excluded is inherent damage to property.  (Example:  A pane of glass shatters due to a manufacturing defect.)

Property Commonly Covered: Dwellings, garages, furniture, wardrobes, appliances.

Property with Special Consideration: Cash, jewelry, bicycles, furs, business property, silverware, watercraft, contents in storage, coins, stamps, collectibles.

Tenant Coverage Contents and liability for rented homes, condos and apartments.

Property Not Covered: Motorized vehicles, aircraft.

When it comes to high-end insurance, Van Helden Agencies Ltd. is considered a specialist.  For unique policies that involve your home and contents it is essential to know what your policy covers, and what it doesn’t.  We always analyze the details with you and if there’s a hole, we’ll find a way to fill it.

Please call one of our Account Executives for a complete analysis of your coverage needs.

For detailed information about Home, Tenants and Condo Insurance terminology & coverages.

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